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1. Order Online via Paypal - After placing your order with paypal please forward your lyrics, Instructions and mp3 by email to clientinfo@eastcraftdedemos.com or snail mail to EastCraft, Box 245, Vass, NC 28394-0245. Please, include your name, mailing, email address and paypal confirmation number with your email. You will be notified by email  within one business day of the scheduled production date.

2. Receive an E-Bill From Paypal - Send your demo request to clientinfo@eastcraftdedemos.com. Please include your email address and which demo option you require. You will be billed from paypal by email. Once confirmation of payment is received  you will be notified by email of your demo's scheduled recording date.

3. Submit By Snail Mail -
Please, reply to  clientinfo@eastcraftdemos.com. For submission instructions.


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