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No Refunds Under Any Circumstances. While we take pride in our productions, we do not guarantee either expressly or imply, that our recording and or production, will satisfy you in any way, meet your expectation or are intended for any particular purpose. As sometimes is the case with a completed production, we are happy to re-mix, re-master or re-track any instruments and or vocals to your liking however, we asked to be paid for this extra service. The re-tracking prices are as follows. $50.00 per instrument or vocal. Female and alternate male vocals are $60.00 per re-track. These re-tracking fees include mixing and mastering for each re-track. If only re-mix and re-mastering are required, the fee of $50.00 per re-mix and master will apply. These prices are per each time a re-track is requested. One digital download (OR) or one CD master recording is included with the original demo fee however, both CD and internet download requires you to order an additional copy and are supplied at $15.00 

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