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We help the songwriter produce their songs professionally at a minimum of expense. With 25 years experience and over 1000 clients world wide, we pride ourselves with our productions. Specializing in Country, Southern Rock, R&B and Gospel, we use state of the art digital equipment and in house musicians and vocalist to create the very best mixed and mastered demo of your song. What's even better about  EastCraft Demos® is the price!.... $239.00 for a complete full band demo, with background vocals, mixed, mastered on CD, MD, Cassette or MP3 down load with no additional cost for extra instruments. . Below, take a listen to our samples and judge for yourself....?

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Full Length MP3 Samples

Vass Barbor Shop, Vass NC

Living On The Family Farm- Steve Johnson, Hot Springs Village, AR

Full Glass - Slow Blues/Rock, David Williams, Proctorville, OH

SwampJustice - Rock Delta Blues, David Williams, Proctorville, OH

She Was Mine - (Upbeat Country) - Garland Bost - Palo Verde, AZ

Liquid Courage -(Southern Rock/Skynyrd Style) David Wiiliams - Proctorville, OH

Margerita- (Country) - Elizebeth Golden - Sharpsburg, VA


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